Is Luggage Restriction of German LCC Eurowings severe? Booking And Flight Experience Review

Is Luggage Restriction of German LCC Eurowings severe? Booking And Flight Experience Review

I booked a German LCC Eurowings as an alternative flight as easyJet cancellation on the day. Let me review its booking process and my experience.

Background of the usage of Eurowings

I have planned the multi-airline transfer:

Edinburgh -> (easyJet) -> London, London -> (Ryanair) -> Milano.

However, easyJet declared the flight cancellation just 4 hours before the departure, by an e-mail.

easyJet proposed the alternative in the day after. Of course, the final destination was not Milano, but London.

I must have arrived at Milano in the day. Therefore I searched another alternative flight from Edinburgh -> Milano. The lowest price flight was offered by Eurowings: Edinburgh -> Colone -> Milano.

It may keep low price even if the immediately-before booking.

Compensation from easyJet was unknown at this moment. However, Eurowings flight was going to depart in less than 3 hours. I decided anyway to book it and I could arrive at Milano on the day.

After that, easyJet compensation has been approved based on EU261, which defines customers’ compensation for European flights’ delay/cancellation. Its story is described:

Is Luggage Restriction of German LCC Eurowings severe? Booking And Flight Experience Review(EU261 experience… in Japanese)


It is a modern web-design and mobile-friendly. Very easy to understand and I could book in a short time even if from a smartphone.

It took just 10 ~20 mins from search to complete the booking. I was surprised how fast I could book the airplane.

Seat grades

For economy class, 2 grades below are offered:


The lowest fare. Check-in luggage is 23 kg MAX, 15 EUR.


Check-in luggage, seat request and snacks are included.

Carry-on luggage specification

You can bring a 55x40x23cm, 8kg suitcase in the cabin.

However, in case of the airplane is full of luggage, BASIC grade customer would be obliged to check-in the carry-on luggage. It is free of charge but the customer should pick it up from the turn-table after landing. If you don’t want to wait the luggage in front of a turn-table, SMART grade guarantees to carry-on the luggage into the airplane.

Eurowings official: Luggage

This specification is similar to easyJet’s one, in terms of “23cm-depth” and “one-luggage”.

On the other hand, Ryanair accepts “20cm-depth” and “two-luggages”.


Online check-in is available 72 hours before the departure.

Airport-check-in is also free of charge. Many of LCC requires penalty fee for airport-check-in. Eurowings is easier in terms of this point.

Eurowings公式 Check in

You can find it “How does Eurowings check-in work?”


Check-in rule is easy. Booking is simple. I could use Eurowings peace of mind even if sudden reservation.