From Milano Centrale Station to Milano Malpensa Airport/Bergamo Airport

<Bus info> From Milano Centrale Station to Milano Malpensa Airport/Bergamo Airport

Accesses from Milano Centrale station to Malpensa airport which is the largest airport in Milano, and smaller one: Bergamo airport is summarized. Access to Malpensa is 8 Euro, 1 hour. To Bergamo is 5 Euro, 1 hour. You can buy tickets on site without any reservation.

Why bus?

The train to Malpensa is 13 Euro, 1 hour; 5 Euro more expensive but takes the same time.

Trains are running every 30 min ~ 1 hour. Buses are running every 20 min so that more convenience.

Bus: Malpensa shuttle official site
Train: Trenitalia official site

There is no train running to Bergamo. Only bus is available.

Bus: Orio shuttle (Bus to Bergamo) official site

Milano Centrale station is the symmetric structure: west side bus station is to Malpensa while east side is to Bergamo. Both directions are going to be explained:

From Milano Centlare station to Malpensa airport

Bus station

You can find it immediately after you exit from the west gate of Milano Centrale station.

After you exit from the ticket gate of the traion, turn right and go straight dozens of meters. You will go out from the building. You can find several buses on your right. This is the bus station. Please refer Google map and street view:

How to buy tickets

At the bus entrance

There should be a sales person. You can buy on site. Only cash is acceptable.

This is the easiest way. Also you can take the first bus surely. This is the recommended way.

Kiosk in front of the bus station

There is a Kiosk (in Italian, “Edicola”), which sells snacks etc., close to the bus station. Credit card is acceptable. In case you are short of cash, you can go Kiosk.

Tabacchi inside the train station

Tickets are also available at the Tabacchi inside the train station.

At the sales points

There are designated sales points. Here also you can get tickets.

Price and time required

8 Euro, 1 hour

From Milano Centrale station to Bergamo airport

Bus station

You can find the bus station at the east side of Milano Centrale station (left side after you exit from train ticket gate). Exactly opposite location of the bus station to Malpensa.

How to buy tickets

Same way as the bus to Malpensa.

Price and time required

5 Euro, 1 hour


From Milano Centrale station to Malpensa airport is 8 Euro. To Bergamo airport is 5 Euro.