TAP Air Portugal Booking Perfect Guide: Discount available if you register

TAP Air Portugal Booking Perfect Guide: Discount available if you register

This article perfectly shows how to book Portugal national airline “TAP Air Portugal” from the official site. Discount was available if you register.

TAP Air Portugal

It is a national airline of Portugal which has lines towards Europe, Africa and North/South Americas. Despite it is a national flag career, it offers the similar price range of LCC.

Refer: TAP Portugal Airline Official Site (EN), Wikipedia “TAP Air Portugal” (EN)

Access to TAP official site


TAP Portugal official site (www.flytap.com) is displayed in the language based on the accessing location. If you access from locations of non-English area, the site will be shown by the local language. 3-line-menu enables you to switch to English.


Flight search

You can proceed to the flight search from “BOOK FLIGHT”.


Then you choose the origin-destination, return/one-way, date and number of people. The lower 2 check box should be checked according to your necessity.

  • The upper check box should be checked if your date is flexible. Flight prices of the few days before and after the target date. So that you can choose the lowest price date.
  • The lower box should be checked when you want to filter only the direct flights.


After you push the search button, the corresponding flights information will appear.

Here, it seems that 5 Euro discount could be available. This is the discount applicable if you register TAP Air Portugal and log in.

※As of Feb-4th, 2019, the description “100 Miles” is found besides the “5 EUR.” This means that “Instead of the 5 EUR discount, you will get 100-mile-reduced amount of mile.

… You can confirm this by proceeding the booking. In the last step, you will find the description: “Miles Balance – 100 mile.”

However, 100 miles is around dozens of cents. I think this does not affect so much to your decision.

TAPエアー5ユーロ100マイルの説明 (TAP Air description of 5 EUR-100mile)
5 EUR discount is available if you pay 100 Miles

Get the discount by registration and log-in


You will find the description “To proceed with savings, please Login”. You can proceed the registration pushing the “log in” button.

Proceed by filling the necessary items. Then you activate through the link in the e-mail you will receive.

After log-in, the description “please Login” will disappear. Then you will be able to get the discount.

Choose the price class


After you choose economy or business class in the flight search results above, further detailed price classes: DISCOUNT / BASIC / CLASSIC / PLUS will appear. If you can accept the conditions below, you can choose the lowest DISCOUNT price:

  1. Only 10% of miles will be obtained
  2. Deposited luggage will be charged extra (20 euros in the booking timing, 35 euros if you want to add later)
  3. There is no seat selection (possible at extra charge of 12 euros)
  4. Non changeable, non refundable

Refer: TAP Air Portugal “TAP Products”


After you decide the price class, you can proceed pushing “Book now”

You will find some promotions of additional options.


Additional charge options for the seat selection, check in baggage, a carbon offset (Donation for CO2 reduction). If it is not necessary, proceed with “Continue”.

Allowance of baggage; Carry-on / Check-in


A confirmation screen for luggage regulations will appear here so check and proceed.

Carry-on luggage

One piece of luggage less than 55 x 40 x 20 cm and within 8 kg, and another one small piece of luggage less than 40 x 30 x 15 cm within 1 kg (in case of economy class)

* The size allowance of three sides is described in the following link.

Width 20 cm is as same severity as Ryanair. However, TAP Air is more convenient than easyJet in terms of the second luggage availability.

Refer: TAP Air Portugal “Hand-Baggage”

Check-in luggage

3 sides total: less than 158 cm

Weight: within 23 kg (economy class BASIC or more), within 32 kg (business class)

As it may change depending on the class, please check the following official site etc.

Refer: TAP Air Portugal “Baggage”

Booking complete



After all the above has been confirmed, you proceed to the payment screen, and after you completed the credit payment, reservation will be completed. Thanks to the member registration, you could have purchase with 5 EUR discount.

Check-in will be available 36 hrs before the flight

Online check-in will be available from 36 hours before the flight.

You do not need to print out your ticket. There is a description that you just have to show the mobile screen.

Refer: TAP Air Portugal “Online-check-in”


This article recommends to book Portugal national career TAP Air Portugal through the official site in terms of the simplicity. If you register, you will get the discount.